Federal Budget submission 2023-24

Dec 6, 2023 | Events, Highlights of actions

The Obesity Collective leadership have collaboratively developed a budget submission for 2023-24. We recommend investing in an initial set of 12 targeted initiatives across three action areas that can be evaluated and built upon over time, demonstrating clear cross-portfolio leadership from Government. It is our shared view that the Government should adopt the evidence-informed actions to progress towards the goals embedded in several national policy commitments, including:

  • National Obesity Strategy 2022-2032
  • National Preventive Health Strategy 2021–2030
  • Measuring What Matters national wellbeing framework.

As part of the development process, a range of experts and other peak bodies were consulted and we hosted a virtual workshop to discuss a prioritised set of evidence-based obesity interventions across the three key action areas: prevention, treatment, and stigma reduction. Look out for the final budget submission document in our first newsletter early next year.


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