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The Obesity Collective is the peak body for obesity in Australia. It is a national umbrella coalition with a vision to reduce the health and wellbeing impacts of obesity in Australia. Working together to raise awareness of the science and reality of obesity and promote evidence-based prevention and treatment action through a strong, cooperative and inclusive network.

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What is obesity?

“Obesity” is a medical term used to describe extra body fat that affects a person’s health. Just like other health conditions, obesity is not a personal judgment or a reflection of someone’s character.  Obesity is a chronic, relapsing condition, with strong social, genetic, biological, historical, and environmental influences. It is not only about personal responsibility and behaviour change. Today, weight stigma and bias remain key barriers to collectively understanding and addressing obesity.

Our work

The Obesity Collective was established to transform the way Australia thinks, acts and speaks about obesity. There is growing recognition that obesity is a systems and societal challenge that is misunderstood and we need to do more about it for the health and wellbeing of Australians.  We work to create the network for collaboration, change the narrative around obesity and advocate for action to create healthier environments and better support from the health system.

Latest news

Trying to change the narrative in the media
Trying to change the narrative in the media

At the Collective, we regularly receive media requests, which offer important opportunities to raise awareness of the science and reality of obesity and directly speak about the harms of stigma. Recently there has been a lot of interest in a GLP-1 agonist treatment...

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A Centre for Disease Control submission
A Centre for Disease Control submission

The Department of Health and Aged Care invited us to participate in a consultation workshop and provide written feedback on the Discussion Paper for the new Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC). A Centre for Disease Control is a necessary development for...

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