Fueling Healthy Communities: Fuel to Go & Play

Jun 21, 2023 | Inspiring stories, Latest news & media


Creating supportive and sustainable environments plays a crucial role in promoting healthier eating habits and overall wellbeing. Both the National Obesity Strategy and the National Prevention Strategy emphasize the importance of food environments, and as advocates, we are continually pushing for their recognition. Fortunately, there are numerous community-led organisations already doing remarkable work in this area 


The Fuel to Go & Play program offers online training to canteen staff in sporting clubs, equipping them with knowledge and skills to operate and promote healthy food and drink options. The training covers topics such as menu planning, promoting healthy choices, and maintaining hygiene and safety standards. Additionally, stakeholders and key club officials receive training to support the changes happening in the canteen and promote healthy eating throughout the club. 


By empowering canteen staff, engaging parents, and collaborating with local businesses, the program fosters positive changes in eating habits and promotes healthier choices in the community. As the National Obesity Strategy prioritises healthy and equitable food systems and supportive environments, programs like Fuel to Go & Play serve as vital contributors to building a healthier future for all. 


We recently took on two Nutrition Science students from Deakin University who interviewed Michelle Riekie from Healthway to find out more information about their organisation and projects. 


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