Response to consultation: Measuring What Matters – Australia’s wellbeing framework

May 29, 2023 | Highlights of actions, Latest news & media

We applaud the Australian government for developing the Measuring What Matters wellbeing framework. This is a progressive step towards measuring progress through wellbeing indicators in addition to traditional macroeconomic indicators such a GDP. It represents a real commitment to improving the standard of living for all Australians and providing equitable opportunities for economic and community participation.

The government recently put the Measuring What Matters wellbeing framework out for the second phase of consultation. The five policy themes currently included in the framework – prosperous, inclusive, sustainable, cohesive and healthy – represent a broad range of important considerations, including the complex social systems that underpin our health and wellbeing. These same complex social system considerations are major factors in the prevention and treatment of obesity.

In our submission, we advocate for a complex systems based approach to wellbeing, akin to that required to reduce the impact and stigma of obesity. We acknowledge obesity is an equity issue with disproportionate prevalence in communities of relative socio-economic disadvantage, lower levels of education attainment, regional and remote areas, as well as Indigenous Australians.

Read our full submission here.

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