Social media – providing our members an advocacy platform

Mar 27, 2023 | Highlights of actions, Inspiring stories

We are inviting our new members to join us on social media for a new campaign, #TOCmember

Social media is a powerful tool we can use for social change.

We’ve initiated the #TOCmember campaign because many members have asked us how they can spread the word about the Collective and publicly share their support of our principles.

It is valuable and inspirational for us to highlight the broad range of impressive members and community leaders from all parts of the system including clinicians, consumers, public health experts, systems leaders, advocates and researchers who have committed to working collectively to reduce the impact and stigma of overweight and obesity in Australia.

Not a member yet? Join here!

If you would like to help spread the word about the Obesity Collective and the work we do, you can follow these simple steps….


1. Select from the following three post templates, or write your own!

Obesity is misunderstood and complex. I just joined the Obesity Collective because we need to stand up collectively and change the way we think, speak and act about it.


I am passionate about XXXX and just joined the Obesity Collective because we need to do more together to change the system and reduce the impacts of obesity on people’s health and wellbeing.


We need to better understand the science and reality of obesity and stop shaming individuals. I just joined the Obesity Collective where a diverse range of experts and community leaders are driving this change.


2. Use the following image in the post. You can right click to save the image.

3. Use the following hashtags #obesitycollective #obesity #TOCmember


4. Tag us in the post (@Actiononobesity for Twitter, @The Obesity Collective for Linkedin and Facebook)


5. Post to Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook.



You can see other member’s posts by looking at the #TOCmember hashtag on Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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